Bistro | Cafe | Globe | String Lights, whatever you may call them. These are the most popular lighting option for any event. These string light carries a golf ball size bulb and bigger with a beautiful “amberish” glow. They come in a variety of lengths and is suitable for hanging / rigging / covering also most any space. With these lights you can add a dimmer pack to have control of the intensity. 

On a single 100ft string you can have about 50 hanging bulbs or more. They come in white, black and custom (green or brown) string color.
These are perfect of tent ceiling but can be installs in almost any environment.
For places that has no attachment point,we carry tall posts to help with the suspension. 


In Stock:
We carry white strings for indoor installation.
We carry commercial grade black string for the outdoors
Most of our strings are now converted to LED bulbs,
with this you can power up about 7x100ft on one 15 amps outlet.
Please call for availability and cost.

We prefer to deliver these and setup it up ourselves.

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