“Cleanup on aisle two please” “Did anyone seen the groom” “Grandma needs to get to her car,  we get help please” “I need to talk to the chief please”. These are not the worst cases I’ve dealt but it opens up the idea, what if we can’t reach or have access to each other on an important night.

We’ve now carry two way radio with surveillance wiring and headsets, and we have more than 30 in stock for your next event management. Our Event Communication System is perfect for Weddings, Concerts, Tradeshow and more.

Radio Communication improves Safety and work flow

We currently stock the Motorola HT1250 Two Way radio
Distance: about 2 to 3 miles
Channels: upto 100 Ch with 16 zones
Charger: Single and rapid multi

Choosing the correct radio 

UHF – Ultra High Frequency – for events in building and have most obstacle between the radios
VHF – Very High Frequency – for events or situations where you have less obstacle in the way or somewhat clear site of each other

In Stock:
We have over 30+ radios charged and available for your event.
Please call for availability and cost.

We prefer to deliver these and setup it up ourselves.

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