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Event Lighting | Event Decor

Wedding & Special Events Enhancement | Tent & Venue Transformation

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From the parking lot to the treetops, Handyboys Event Services carries a wide range of lighting fixtures to help repaint or highlight those dull | plain areas under a tent or a venue space. If you looking to “Wow” your guest, then lighting makes all the difference. Fixtures are LED (no heat | low power consumption) they are also dimmable (how bright or how soft) and

we can illuminate the area

When considering a space for your event, be sure to adding light can make all the differences


Handyboys Event Services provides sound reinforcement | amplification with several microphone options to cover your entire wedding and special event. We offer delivery, setup and operation. We also carry battery powered PA System. We’re also able to transmit sound via wireless to other locations throughout your venue.

  • Rehearsal Sound System
  • Ceremony Sound System
  • Cocktail Music Playback System
  • Reception DJ Sound & Gear
  • Band Sound & Backline
  • After Party Sound System

Apart from the sound system we carry;

  • DI Box (mono & Stereo)
  • Cables (XLR Mic & 1/4in instrument)
  • Shure & Sennheiser Vocal & Instrument Microphone
  • Mic and Instrument Stands
  • Analog & Digital Mixers ( QSC Touchmix, Mackie, Behringer, Yamaha )
  • We stock EV, Bose, FBT, QSC, DAS Audio, Meyer Sound, L’acoustics Brand
  • DJ Control (Serato & Traktor)

Sound Reinforcement is one of those production area that can be overlooked, and can be devastating if the audience is unable to understand what is being broadcast. Handyboys Event Services is able to deploy a solid sound system that is tuned and suitable for any space or audience size. We cover these events below, but we are not limited to what we can create or taylor for your unique event.

  • Band Sound and Backline Rentals
  • DJ Sound and Gear Rental
  • Outdoor Sound Systems
  • Wireless or Piped Sound Solutions
  • Corporate or Meeting Sound Systems
  • Conference Sound
  • Movie Night & Karaoke System
  • Concert Sound Systems
  • Festival Sound Systems
  • Battery Powered & Bluetooth enable
  • Sound Engineers & Stage Hands

We can handle small to large Sound Solution.

We’re able to deploy into any environment from a round table discussion to a corporate seminar.

  • Tabletop Microphone
  • Lapel Microphone
  • Ear Hook Microphone
  • Presentation Amplification
  • Audio Mixing & Audio Feed
  • Streaming and Broadcasting