Maybe you need extra bandwidth for live streaming or broadcasting, or maybe the venue or event space cannot accommodate all of your online applications including VPN Connection or live updating sites(trading platform). What if your venue’s network is lock down and you’re unable to get to certain applications or sites because of security. These are just a few real examples of what we have to deal with on a regular basis . You and your guest deserve to stay connected with the world.

This is why we have our own backup Wireless 4G Hotspot and it is available to rent at your next event or meeting. Connect up to 15 WiFi Enable devices including handhelds and laptops at the same time. These are perfect tradeshow internet and venue WiFi solutions.

Powerful 4G hotspot rentals are perfect venue WiFi solutions. Whether venue rates are too high, you’re planning an outdoor event or you want a solid backup in place, 4G hotspots are the way to go. Call us for more details since we have to taylor each rental to its user.

In Stock:
We have 5x Verizon LTE Hotspot
Please call for availability and cost.

Up to 20G is available
We prefer to deliver these and setup it up ourselves.

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