Laptop – Ipad & Printer Rental

We have a small inventory of refreshed Window Laptops which includes 2016 MS office and Malwarebytes, These are perfect for conferences kiosk, registration, pop up trainings, printing area and more..We can handle some customization, including wallpaper, software installation. These are great for spare machine, hotswaps or presentation. We have both IBM Thinkpads and Dell Latitudes E series

Ipad Rental

We have Ipads ready for your customization and deployment. These can be ready for your next conferences, trade show, training sessions, meetings, and other special events. iPad rentals are great tools for educational tools, informational kiosk, check-in, registration, attendee engagement, surveys, document sharing, point-of-sale, and other applications.

Printer Rentals

For your meeting and event needs we carry color and BW WiFi ready printers.. Ready to be deploy.



In Stock:
We have over 40 Laptops and Ipads available.
Please call for availability and cost.

We prefer to deliver these and setup it up ourselves.

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