Portable Power – Event Generator Rental might be the last thing on your mind when it comes to the final preparation for your event productions. The question should be, do we have enough power to support all of the electrical components for this event? ” Our answer is there is never enough ;)”

Most clients believe that the Venue or Event Site are equipped with adequate power to sustain their band / dj, lighting Rig (if any), coffee machine, concession machine and catering. The answer is very simple, we just don’t know when things can go wrong“. An accident can take down a pole, faulty wiring and equiptment can cause all sort of inconveniences, your portable toilet might need a 30A outlet. The Panini or coffee machine can trip the breakers, Powerful Sound System can trip breakers, some conventional lighting can trip breakers. We just don’t know.

Why consider a backup Event Generator:

Insurance and Assurance: These quiet beast produces True and Consistent power, you often see these on construction sites. They can run for about 24 hrs straight and power up a small community. With careful calculation and site inspection we can spec out the most suitable power source and temporary run all the wires for your sound, lighting rig, catering tent, porta potties and more.

Clean and Silent: They are environmentally friendly and quiet eliminating the smell and noise.

Portability and Flexible: These are towable and outdoor generators. Placement can be “as close as” or “about” 100ft from guest or venue location.

Generators can be use for any festival or concert, party, private event, expo, remote outdoor or indoor spaces, street fair, camping 2.0, workshop, dance, corporate gathering, wedding, lifestyle fair, flea market, filming, disaster area.

Sizing and Management Calculation: The size of your generator will depend on the number of items you have that require electricity. Typically this includes lighting, catering, restroom trailers, photo booths, bands (or a DJ). By our estimates, the average wedding or event with an average of 200 person guest count uses a 20KW or more of power. We suggest these for many events.

We also carry a wide variety of commercial wiring, generator accessories and electrical panels suited for Event AV Production… Click here for more info.


In Stock:
We have access to 20kw, 40kw, 60kw available.
We also have smaller Inverters Generator 2.5kw to 12kw –
Please call for availability and cost.

We prefer to deliver these and setup it up ourselves.

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