Quite Clubbing – Silent Disco Headphones Rental

We invested in these wireless headsets after one of our client needed a solution for an after party in an environment / venue that did not allowed us to have any loud music or loud projecting sound and it was possible the community had a noise ordinance after a certain time of the night.

These headphones were programmed and given to all the guest, then our DJ was able to broadcast / transmit his music directly to the headphones.
Think of this technology as having your entire guest listening to your pandora playlist using a headphone system.

You don’t have to stop there, these wireless headset can be use in many different event challenges, I will list a few.

A: You now can have multi streams of music choice for your guest to access on their headphone.
B: You can rental these for outdoor movies setup
C: You can now turn a parking lot or a train station into a nightclub
D: Wireless Range over 3 football fields, 12 hrs battery life, 3 to 10 input channels.
E: Multi usage for DJ, Band, Ipad, Laptop, Announcers, think big.
F: Upscale your Wedding or after party with a variety of music and DJs
G: Conference, Expos, Demos, Trade shows, Auctions you have upto 1500 ft
H: Mobile party or popup event, maybe a midnight run with music for 200 of your bestest friends.
I: Fitness Classes to Yoga.

Call us today for your event needs.



In Stock:
We have 175 charged and available and more on request.
3 channels means you can have 3 different sources
Please call for availability and cost.
We prefer to deliver these and setup it up ourselves.
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